Greg Johnston is the main character of the Cedaria Comics. He's an enthusiastic, yet frigid at times, cretin. With the idea that he’ll find a way to keep him, his brothers, his sister, and his girlfriend safe from danger. Although he doesn’t do as much killing, he can prove very strong when it comes to the safety of his zombie killing brothers.


Before the apocalypse, Greg was a Des Moines kid who loved skateboarding. Greg was only 12 when the zombie outbreak happened but by the time he turned 13, the entire world had collapsed. He could only rely on his older brother Ray, to help him get through.

Post ApocalypseEdit

He and his 4 siblings, Ray, Pete, Alice, and Jacob, survived for the next 20 years of the apocalypse. About 13 years after the apocalypse, they met the Andrews Siblings when they crossed in a path where they were trying to scavenge for food in Cedar Rapids. One of the siblings, Jenni Andrews, he had a particular attachment to. Within the next 4 years, he had successfully wooed her. In 19 AZ, Rose Andrews died and Jenni mourned for the first 7 issues of the comic series. In the 6th issue, her other sister, Lilah, also died after being eaten by a zombie, then being shot in the head by Peter Johnston.


After Ken Richards tells Peter about Cedaria, they move to the camp and they all become soldiers, created to impose the Cedarian way on other colonies and keep zombies out of Cedaria. Not long afterwards, Jenni reveals herself to be pregnant. In Issue 28, she gives birth to their son Jacob but he is soon drowned by the crazy mourning, Henry Ogden. Then in Issue 140 she reveals herself to be pregnant again. This time giving birth to a surviving baby. Greg and Jenni then retire to raise their new baby girl, Sarah.


One day, Jenni goes out to retrieve food for Cedaria but is instead killed by a zombie. Greg is then notified of it by Peter, Greg mourns for the next 3 days until, in the climax of the last Issue (Issue #385), kills himself by shooting himself in the head.


He was very well known for being a very influential person and being the great General of Cedaria. He was remembered as a great man. Cedaria lived under the philosophy of Greg and Peter Johnston.